Ponencias y Eventos Destacados

3rd IUCN Third World Conservation Congress
17-25 November 2004, Bangkok, Thailand

Minu Hemmati, Seed Initiative, moderated a panel discussion, which exchanged ideas on conservation challenges. Participants heard a song by Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo, founder of the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group of Mexico and current Director of the federal protected area known as the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, celebrating human belonging to the earth. Bertrand Collomb, Chair of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and of Lafarge, underscored the dependence of the business community on ecosystem services and the need for cooperation with local communities. Drawing attention to the findings of WWF’s 2004 Living Planet Report, Claude Martin, WWF International Director General, underscored the importance of reaching out to consumers and providing options for lessening their ecological footprint. He also noted the need to engage urban youth in the conservation agenda. Karen Coshof, Stonehaven Productions, said it is incumbent that the conservation community provide the public with concrete options and positive environmental messages to empower and attract them to the conservation movement. She cautioned that the conservation agenda will continue to be overlooked by the mainstream media unless there is enhanced communication and marketing of environmental messages and initiatives. Ruiz Corzo stressed the importance of community participation, mainstreaming the conservation agenda, bridging the gap between conservationists and the private sector, and changing human values with respect to nature.

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